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Spam Registrations
Wow! Overnight, the spammers found the site! Tons of spam registrations from the same few IP addresses, using the same non-existent domains in their registration email addresses. Not sure if I can block registration from these non-existent domains, because they just hop IPs if I block them, or not.. . . more
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Feedburner Feeds
Since setting up the new RSS feed, and announcing the new site on my old one, no one has subscribed to the new feed. So I went in to Feedburner and swapped the feeds around. I won't likely be posting on the old Blogger site anymore, but there's no easy way to import the posts, so I'm leaving it. . . more
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Aopen AW744L II Sound Card
I just received the NOS, but unboxed, Aopen AW744L II Sound Card I ordered from eBay. This seller really knows how to package his stuff! He has more for sell for $20 each, including shipping, which is a reasonable price considering this is a PCI sound card which will work in pure DOS. I plan on. . . more
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Almost ready!
I'm almost ready to move everything over from Blogger to here, but there is really no easy way to import posts, so it may take awhile before everything is moved over.. . . more
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Test post
Here is a test post, which will also allow me to test some RSS functionality. If I get that part working, I may just move everything over to this wiki.... . . more
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